Choose from 3 security subscriptions to ensure the right level of protection.

Anti-virus, rootkit, spyware, spam and surf-protection as a monthly subscription

Three basic subscription packages are created according to latest trends of the anti-virus market and our long sales experience. Different subscription packages provide different layers of protection. Consequently, more costly subscription packages get customers a higher level of security.

Dr. Web Classic: Antivirus, Anti-rootkit and Anti-spy Management - 1,30 Euro/month;
Dr. Web Standard: Antivirus, Anti-rootkit, Anti-spyware and Anti-spam Management - 1,50 Euro/month;
Dr. Web Premium: Antivirus, Anti-rootkit, Anti-spy, Anti-spam en Surf-protection - 1,65 Euro/month.

More than 1 billion workspaces are currently being protected by Dr. Web. They are protected with antivirus, anti-spy, anti-spam, anti-keylogging and surf-protection and all online with Dr. Web's antivirus service.

This online managed security service ensures you get better protected servers, desktops and laptops where virus-, spyware-, keylogger-, malware- and spam-infections are given no change at all.
Antivirus service makes the management of the security tools antivirus, spam, spyware and spam more easy by:
no internal administration, management and installation are necessary;
technical support and management are taken care of by the ID Control Security Center;
the antivirus service is automaticcaly and very easily installed and de-installed;
the antivirus service is automaticcaly and very easily updated;
the updates of malware signatures and analysis of unknown malware are managed automatically;
infected computers and servers are healed remotely;
at the beginning of every month the number of secured laptops, PC's and servers can be changed;
there is no need to buy new hardware for the management or administration of the service;
thee Total Costs Of Ownership can be reduced with 70%;
your cash flow will improve due to the monthly subscription option.

When viruses, adware/spyware, keyloggers, spam en other threats enter your computer this will lead to complications and unexpected high (recovery) costs. Hundreds of malicious programs are entering networks on daily bases, thousands of viruses surface every day, support desks are reaching their production capicity due to incidents with inexperienced users, but even the administrators appears to become an easy target.

Do you want to know more about the antivirus service, you can contact your own advisor!

Gratis Evaluatie




From the very start we have been using Dr. Web antivirus service this is due to our innovative marketing and sales advice, herefor we work abroad a lot so we are often on the road and staying in hotels. It is very convienent to be able to enter the internet from your notebook on the road. We did not want te invest in antivirus software or in a server and an administrator this is why we have chosen to take a monthly subscripment from Dr. Web's antivirus service.

- Ingo van Driel- Protect-it Security

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